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Who Let the Gods Out? Year 5 Book Study - Week 3

Spelling and Handwriting

Day 1

Read chapter 3 of Who Let the Gods Out?

Answer the following questions in your book.

  1. What words tell you that Elysium is paradise?

  2. Why doesn't the Zodiac Council want to give Virgo more responsibility?

  3. How do you know that people do not want to do the Prisoner Forty-two task?

  4. Why does Virgo almost immediately regret her decision to leave?

  5. What stone circle might Virgo be looking for?

Now for a bit of fun with onomatopoeia!

Watch this Onomatopoeia video by Mindy Bauer.

Now complete this Roy Lichtenstein Onomatopoeia art project by Ms Plummer.

Day 2

Complete the first three sections of the Cassowary unit at the Natural Curriculum website. Stop when you get to Writing Ideas.

Day 3

Go to this BBC lesson How to Use a Semi-colon, and work your way to the bottom of the page.

Go to the Cassowary Unit and complete the worksheet in the Writing Ideas section.

Day 4

Go and play this semi-colon game on the Mr Nussbaum site.

Complete the first writing activity on the Cassowary Unit. You will be writing to your father, so the letter will be informal, although your language choices should reflect that you are writing to someone older than you. Use the letter-writing check sheet to help make sure your writing is great.

Letter Writing Check sheet
Download PDF • 846KB

Day 5

Today you have a choice about your big write activity. All the activities require you to research and write an informational piece of writing.

  1. Research the signs of the Zodiac. Use what you have learned to create a slide show teaching year 2 students about each sign and its' constellation.

  2. Research and write an information leaflet about the Cassowary.

  3. Create a help sheet for year 4 students explaining how to use a semi-colon.

  4. Research Roy Lichtenstein and write a biography.

Great work! Week 3 finished.

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