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Year 5 Term 1a Week 1 Maths

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

What you Need

A folder to keep your work in.

Pen/ pencil/ eraser/ colour pencils/ ruler.

Place value cards may be useful.

Roman numeral, place value and unit conversion posters.

Extra Resources

Here is a list of places you can go to get extra practice no matter how well you feel you are doing with your maths. Take your time, do not rush the work this year, there is no point trying to do difficult maths if you are not ready, it is ok! I will put a link to these resources at the top of every weekly page so you can always find them if you need them.

I am enjoying maths Extra Practice (for those wanting more maths) - Corbettmaths 5 a day Look down the list for today's date and complete the worksheet.

I need a little more practice Extra online practice for reinforcement - IXL just scroll through to the area you need to work on.

I don't really get it Extra videos to help understanding and workbooks that can be purchased if further practice is needed at WhiteRose Maths.

I need to focus on basics Extra Practice (for those focusing on mental maths skills, and number facts) - Xtramaths

Day 1

This week we are going to be revising a little of what you covered in year 4 and moving on. We will look at:

  • Place value to 1,000,000.

  • Base 10.

  • 5 times table.

  • Roman numerals

  • Converting metric measurements.

First, watch this 'Maths Antics - Place Value' video to revise place value.

Next, watch the 'Hiking the Place Value Chart'.

Print out worksheets.

Place Value 1a W1
Download PDF • 253KB

Complete page 1.

If you want to know a little more about the history of our number system watch the 'History of maths' and 'The History of Zero'.

Day 2

Let's warm-up!

Did you know that there is a base 5 number system? Base five counts in 5's. Play the game below to practice your 5 times table, make sure you play both versions, the one where you find the answer and the one where you find the question.


Complete the BBC lesson 'The number line to 10,000'.

Watch the 'Place Value Land' video all about place value and naming big numbers.

Complete worksheet 2.


Day 2 Week 1
Download PDF • 61KB

Watch 'How to Read Roman Numerals' in preparation for tomorrow.

Day 3

Watch 'Roman Numerals Corbettmaths'.

Complete questions 1-5 from Corbettmaths.

Watch 'Tina and Timmy's Tantrum'.

Watch 'Multiplying whole numbers by 10, 100 or 1,000'.

Complete worksheet 3.


Day 4

Today is a day with a lot of learning in it. Take your time to really understand how to convert units.

Work through the BBC 'Converting Metric Units' lesson.

Next, complete the first two videos and practice section of 5th-grade maths 'Converting Metric Units' on Khans Academy.

Complete worksheet 4.

Day 5

Complete the rest of the 'Converting Metric Units' on Khans Academy. You do not have to complete the 'U.S. customary and metric units' section but it may be interesting to take a look at it if you have time.

Complete questions 6 - 10 from Corbettmaths.

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