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Year 5 Term 1a Week 2 Maths

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Extra Resources

Day 1

This week we are going to be revising a little of what you covered in year 4 and move on. We will look at:

  • Co-ordinates.

  • Rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000.

  • Multi-digit addition and subtraction.

Some weeks there will not be as many videos to watch because you will have covered this well in previous years. If you get stuck go to our YouTube channel and see if there are any playlists that might help you.

Play this game to get better at numbers to 1,000,000.

Complete the BBC 'Draw and Move on a Grid' lesson.

Complete the 5th-grade Khans Academy 'Intro to Co-ordinate Planes'.

Print out all the pages of Corbett Maths.

Complete questions 1-6.

Day 2

Play this game. Choose numbers to 9,999 to the nearest 10 with a number line. Stop the game when you get 20 correct. You can make the game harder by choosing no number line, bigger number or rounding to the nearest 100.

Complete the BBC ' Rounding Numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000' lesson.

Complete the worksheet.

week 2.1
Download PDF • 74KB

Play this game.

Day 3

Complete the BBC 'Perimeter of a Rectangle' lesson.

Play this game.

Complete the 4th-grade Khans Academy 'Adding Multi-digits' unit.

Complete the worksheet.

week 2.2
Download PDF • 45KB

Day 4

Watch this Maths Antics video 'Multi-digit Addition'.

Complete the 4th-grade Khans Academy 'Multi-digit Subtraction' unit.

Play the co-ordinate game. Just play the first quadrant.

Complete the rest of the questions of Corbett Maths.

Day 5

Complete the BBC 'Perimeter on a Grid' lesson.

Play the game.

Complete the worksheet.

Week 2.3
Download PDF • 33KB

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