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Year 7 Maths Sequences

You can download the unit pdf below. Firstly, I want you to take a look at what you will be learning in this unit. Remember I have given you enough work for 45 mins - 1 hour, 5 days a week. If you are already confident or familiar with the material you will be learning then you may want to just watch the lessons or complete the Transum activities. If you are less confident you may want to take longer to complete each task, maybe repeating some of the lessons or activities. This is your learning so use the resource in the best way for you. Talk to your adult about how you are going to use the material.

Task 1 - Describe and continue a sequence given as a diagram.

Task 2 - Predict and check the next term in a sequence.

Task 3 - Represent sequences in tables and graphically.

Task 4 - Recognise the difference between linear and non-linear sequences.

Task 5 - Solve numerical linear sequences.

Task 6 - Solve numerical non-linear sequences.

Task 7 - Learn the term-to-term rule.

Learn about the Fibonacci sequence.

Task 8 - Find missing terms.

Task 9 - Solve number grid sequences.

Task 10 - Solve number grid sequences.

Task 11 - Track calculations to generalise sequences.

Task 12 - Understand the nth-term rule.

Task 13 - Find the nth term for descending sequences.

Task 14 - Round-up session.

Extra Activities

If you want to add a bit of art and creativity to your learning or find out a little more about Fibonacci here is a Pinterest board with links to websites or videos where you can learn how to draw the Fibonacci sequence.

Love writing poetry then you will love writing fibs! These poems are based on the Fibonacci sequence. Each number of the sequence dictates how many syllables you have in a line. Go to the Poetry Foundation to learn more about their development and see some examples.

Here is your preview the pdf is below.

Year 7 Maths Sequences
Download PDF • 12.16MB

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