I'm a mum of three fantastically individual children and wife to an amazing husband, Phil!

Our home education journey began when my eldest son started school at 5 and very quickly became depressed. My daughter started a year later and we found it impossible to juggle her undiagnosed health issues with the demands of school. So, we made the decision to take them out for a year. Ten years on, my eldest son has just enrolled at the local 6th form college a year early to study biology, physics, chemistry and spanish, my daughter who is 14 has just completed her GCSE's and my youngest son, 9, is happiest climbing trees! 

My children's health problems were eventually diagnosed, partially due to my husband's failing health, they all had a genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

This syndrome wreaked havoc on family life with all three of my children struggling and my husband becoming more disabled; home educating on a shoestring became essential. I soon discovered an abundance of resources but unfortunately many were developed specifically for American home educators and very little existed for those in the UK and so I found myself creating my own resources and curriculum. 

Each of my three children has been different; one required a lot of structure and a more traditional approach, one was very artistic and required a more creative approach and the third is much more physical with boundless energy. So, each has been taught in a way that works for them. This is reflected in the range of resources and curriculum ideas you will find on this site. I am not reinventing the wheel, so if a resource already exists I will direct you to it but the curriculum and many of the resources are made by myself.

A decade on, as my eldest makes the leap into 6th form and A level study, I find myself with a little extra time and as a full-time carer and home educator, in need of a little extra income and so I began creating this site.

I hope that this site can become a wealth of help and information for other families out there like mine. I offer everything for free, I am an Amazon Associate, so if you do click through from here and buy a recommended product I am given a small commission. Apart from that, I rely on you lovely people to occasionally buy me a coffee by clicking the buy me a coffee button. So, if you discover something you like or find useful and you are able please consider buying me a coffee.


From my family to yours, thank you x

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