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I am a home-educating Mum in the UK, with an 18-year-old son just on his gap year between A levels and University, a 15-year-old daughter studying level 2 Art and Design alongside A level maths and a 10-year-old son who still just loves climbing trees! As a family, we began home educating due to health issues, a condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome threw our lives into turmoil just over a decade ago.

Having been a primary school teacher, I thought I knew what I was doing, was perfectly capable and competent. I quickly figured out that, although having some experience with the education system can be an advantage, it is in the main a hurdle to overcome. School from home definitely did not work for us.

I, like many newbies, looked into all the different approaches to home education and trawled through many hour's worth of websites trying to find resources that fitted my children as learners, myself as their educator and our family circumstances. In the end, I used a combination of free resources available online and my knowledge of my children and their interests to begin to create a curriculum that worked for us. 

What you will find on this website is the product of this process. It is not a finished work, I will be adding resources frequently to build up what I hope will be a library of go-to products to help others out there trying to home-educate, live life to its fullest and deal with the sorts of issues we have faced.

I understand that every child and family is different and so I have tried to create resources that can be used flexibly and involve a variety of activities. My eldest was a bookworm, he was what I would call a traditional style learner, my daughter, however, was very creative and hated the structure of workbooks that my son loved. My youngest is a bundle of energy, very hands-on and physical and cannot sit still. The resources reflect these differences.

When you use these resources I ask you to bear in mind that I am just like you, a stay-at-home mum, trying to give her children a great education and childhood whilst juggling a myriad of health issues with all three and my husband. I am dyslexic, so you will probably see occasional errors, in some subjects (especially computer studies!) I rely heavily on resources provided by far more qualified people. My resources often contain hyperlinks to external sources and so sometimes the resource gets moved and the hyperlink will not work. Please, do let me know via email if you spot anything that needs addressing I will do my best to carve out time to rectify it. If you do use the resources and find them helpful then please do consider tapping the buy me a hot chocolate button from time to time.

All that is left for me to say is, welcome and enjoy your home-education journey XX

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