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The resources are designed in a way that allows as much flexibility as possible. If you are looking for a unit of work based on a particular topic use the search box to see if a unit exists yet. If you are looking for living books to read with your child then there are lists attached to each unit of work. If you are looking for a more comprehensive curriculum then click on the links below which will take you to the curriculum page for each year group with links to the relevant units of work. The units are created with the UK National Curriculum in mind but often go beyond it to deepen and broaden learning. I have included a full maths curriculum for each year group. Literacy, until year 9 is mainly taught as an integrated part of the unit studies with targeted literacy units for each year group that focus on grammar and structure. Each year group has a spelling and hanwriting document with links to weekly spellings if you want spelling and handwriting practice.

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