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The Curriculum

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

What is included?

For each of the year groups 1-9, the aim is to cover maths, literacy, science, geography, history, PE, RE, Arts, languages and computer studies. The work is arranged into units that cover the main learning aims for each year according to the National Curriculum. For years 10-13, subjects will be added and based on GCSE or A Level requirements. I do not intend to reinvent the wheel, if a good resource (video, pdf, lesson) exists I will link to it adding in my own resources where needed, so please make sure your student understands that links take them away from this website and that they should practice good online safety behaviours. Book lists include free online books and books that can be purchased to supplement learning by reading around the topic or to help you compile a living book curriculum.

How is the work arranged?

The work is arranged into units with clear learning aims. This enables you to select what you want to cover if the whole unit is not going to be studied. Up to year 9, topic work is used to cover geography, science, history and most of the literacy. This means that the units can be longer and cover a breadth of knowledge. For example, the Year 5 Botany unit not only gives a round-up of all aspects of plant structure and function covered in the primary years but also looks at the geography of Australia, The Great Barrier Reef and the importance of coral, marsupials, butterflies, Captain Cook and Joseph Banks, onomatopoeia and synonyms and writing persuasive texts. It requires the learner to participate in a number of computer orientated writing tasks to help develop their computer literacy. As such, you may want to work through the whole unit, pick out certain tasks or complete it in stages over a longer period of time depending on your learner.

How to use it?

Pick a year group and a subject and then a unit you want to cover. Cover one unit until it is completed, work through particular parts of a unit or study more units simultaneously over a longer period. Work through the reading books linked to a topic then complete the unit, read the books alongside the unit study or not at all. Search for something you want to study using the search bar, if I have covered it you will get directed to it. Do not be too concerned about the year group the unit was made for often it can be used by older and younger learners with some small adaptions in the expected outcome.

Ultimately the purpose of this website is to be as flexible as possible. As I add more resources I will add pages to the curriculum section of each year group that will give a structured way through the whole academic year for those wanting a timetable.

Can my child work through this alone?

This depends on your child and your way of working as a family. Your learner needs to be reading independently to read through the material, they need to have a level of computer literacy that enables them to navigate the internet and links, download and print PDFs and understand what is expected of them to complete the task. Different learners will be able to work independently at different ages, you may have a 9-year-old who whizzes through a unit and a 12-year-old that needs a lot of practical support, but that is okay. There are links to videos and external websites and resources, I have looked at everything myself and my children have worked through these units however please make sure you are happy with what your child is doing here.

A link is broken?

Firstly, sorry about that! This will happen from time to time, I have tried to tell you enough in the unit for you to find the resources yourself so you do not get held up in your learning. However, it would be useful if you would pop onto the Facebook page and leave a post explaining where the broken link is. Let me know the year group, the unit and the activity so I can locate it and fix it. Please remember that I am home educating my own family, dealing with a number of health issues within the family and trying to keep this site going so I will TRY to fix anything broken as quickly as possible and I will appreciate your patience. I would also love to hear your positive feedback as well, it will be encouraging.

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