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Criminal Psychology - Nature vs Nurture

Learning Aims

To understand the nature vs nurture debate that underpins criminal psychological theories.

Nature vs Nurture

This is a debate that has raged for centuries and still gets psychologists debating today: are criminals born or made?

I want you to create a presentation for a class that outlines this debate. Make sure that you explain both sides of the argument, giving evidence to support any claims and make your own personal opinion clear stating why.

Watch the videos below to get you started, if you're here for revision just watch the videos and make your revision notes.

There are quite a few videos to watch, so do not try to do all this in one sitting. Watch a video and make notes that will help you create your presentation.

Nature vs Nurture Part 1

Nature vs Nurture Part 2

#1 Nature vs Nurture - Pysch 101 (PsychU)

The battle between nature and nurture | Irene Gallego Romero | TEDxNTU

A killer's genes - Are You Good or Evil? - Horizon - BBC

1.7 Genes and criminal behaviour

What Causes Someone to Commit a Crime? Nature vs Nurture

Here are a few extras if you found this topic interesting.

Manipulating the Moments that Turn us into Criminals TEDx

We Are All Criminals | Emily Baxter | TEDxUNG

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