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GCSE Psychology - Introduction

Welcome to GCSE Psychology!

How do I get Started?

Before diving into the units there are a number of tasks to complete.

  1. Go to your GCSE board website, which may be AQA, Edexcel, OCR...

  2. Find the Psychology GCSE you are studying and print out the course specification. This is the document that tells you everything that you will need to know for the exam.

  3. Get yourself a folder and place this document into the folder.

  4. Go to the WordPress website and set up a blog. It is pretty straightforward to use and free. You will be adding to the blog all the work you complete so that you can go back and revise before your exam. Your blog can be set to private.

As you work through the units, use a highlighter to cross off the sections that you cover in the specification. The aim is that this course will cover most if not all the areas on your specification but as each exam board is different it is important you know what you have and have not covered.

Which unit first?

I recommend starting with Criminal Psychology.

How is the learning structured?

At GCSE level I will be giving you much more control over how you complete your work. You will be asked to work through a number of resources, these maybe videos, webpages or online book chapter, and then complete a set of tasks. The work you do to complete the tasks will need to be uploaded to your blog. Think of your blog as a sophisticated filing system that you will come back to to revise from. If you really are not able to work with a blog then you can always add the work to the folder with your specification. Often I give you a choice in how to complete a task, I may ask you to choose between making a poster, leaflet or presentation. Please do not worry about what the end product looks like too much, this is not a test of your literacy skills but more a way for you to record your learning in a meaningful way that will help you to remember the information. Choose whichever method works best for you in your learning.

Do I need anything else?

You will need access to the internet to use the resources. You will also need to use different software to complete the tasks. Google has a number of apps you can use such as Google docs and Google slides that are useful. Canva is a great, free online design program that will help you make anything from posters to videos. Heyzine will let you collect all your pdf documents into a flipbook that you can share and print.

What do I do before the exam?

Do not panic!

I will put a revision unit on the website that will take you through your revision step by step. The most important thing you can do now is to make sure the work you complete is to the best of your ability, the more you focus now the easier revision will be. When the time comes the best way to make sure you are ready is to complete past paper questions but I will talk you through this in the revision unit.

I hope you enjoy the course, now get on with it!

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