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IB Maths AI Introduction

Updated: Jun 17

Welcome to the curriculum area for the IB Maths Applications and Interpretations course.

The material for the course is split into units. Each unit will take you through a series of online videos produced by other content creators, online exercises, printable worksheets and journaling tasks.

The units are split into smaller tasks, much like a textbook. Some of these tasks you will complete quickly so you may complete several in one session others may take you several sessions to complete. Do not be quick to move on, especially in the earlier units. The material builds up from more fundamental concepts to more complex maths using those concepts.

You will need to be familiar with the websites Transum and YouTube and have a Khans Academy account. You will also need a printer to print out worksheets or a PDF program to edit them.

A maths journal ( an A4 notebook with blank pages will work well), a workbook or folder to hold any maths worksheets, a selection of writing tools and maths equipment and a calculator are needed. The graphic display calculator I will be using in the course is the Casio Fx-CG50. You will also need to print out the syllabus for the whole course and the progress sheet below.

study progress chart
Download PDF • 161KB

When you finish each unit mark off the content you have covered on your syllabus, that way you will see if there are any gaps that you need to fill in. Then complete the progress chart; record any issues you know you have and need to work on, and give a mark out of 10 for the unit. anything 4 or below requires a lot of work, 5-7 is ok anything above a 7 means you are really happy with the unit. Then tick off the unit as you revise it.

How you use the course is up to you. If you follow everything then you will cover the entire IB AI course, you can dip in and study the units you find tricky or use it just for revision.

I link to a lot of online content. If you watch a video and like the format try to bookmark the provider and consider watching more of their videos. This is a great tool if you get stuck. Having a list of producers that you find more understandable will save you time trying to find resources to help you get unstuck.

Link not working? I try to give you enough detail about resources for you to track down any resource yourself using an internet search engine. However, it would be helpful to know if a link needs looking at so please private message me via the Facebook page and let me know what link on what page needs attention. I will do my best to get it sorted out as quickly as possible.

All that is left for me to say if good luck with your studies!

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