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IB Maths HL Revision - Arithmetic Sequences and Series

Here is a short unit of revision designed to refresh your memory before exam day and to improve your skills. The videos and resources I use here are different to the ones I used in the original unit of work. If you find you are struggling with a particular concept try going back to the original unit and looking at some of the resources there. Sometimes we just need the same information presented in a different way to be able to grasp it well.

Objective (SL/HL)

Know what an arithmetic sequence is.

Know how to find the nth term of an arithmetic sequence.

Video Recap

Watch the nth term and Arithmetic Sequences and series videos by Advanced Maths.


Objective (SL/HL)

Be able to find the sum of the first nth terms of an arithmetic sequence.

Solve problems about arithmetic sequences.

Video Recap

Watch the series by Mathema Teach.


The first ten questions on this worksheet by Maths Genie.

Objective (SL/HL)

Be able to interpret Sigma Notation for summation.

Be able to use Sigma Notation for summation.

Video Recap

Watch Sigma Notation at Advanced Maths.

Watch the calculator skills videos below for your calculator.


Here is a mindmap for Arithmetic Sequences and Series that I created for you. Around the outside, there is a lot of room to add your notes or examples.

Atithmetic sequences and series
Download PDF • 3.34MB

Exam Practice

Depending on where you get your revision questions from:-

  • Revision workbook - go to it now and work through the arithmetic sequences and series section.

  • IXL - Arithmetic sequences - Year 12 W.1.- 6 and W.10

  • Revision Village - choose your level then answer the questions starting from the easiest.

  • SaveMy Exams - combines all work on sequences so wait until you finish the geometric sequence unit.

  • Christos Nikolaidis - download his PDF here and complete the questions.

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