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The Puma - Animal Research

This unit was designed around the BBC Dynasties documentary, series 2 but you can complete it without watching the programme.

Firstly, print out the research question and answer sheets. Write down 5 questions that you have about pumas.

Puma a.k.a Mountain Lion
Download PDF • 2.76MB

Next, watch the BBC Puma episode if you have it. As you watch it answer these questions in your book.

  1. Try to identify a producer in the puma's habitat, a consumer and a decomposer.

  2. Are the pumas carnivores, herbivores or omnivores? How do you know this?

  3. Can you classify pumas? You can think about this as you watch the film then use your books or the internet to help you write down the classification.

  4. Go to the BBC site and learn to identify individual pumas. Watch short clips of the documentary again and see if you can use what you have learned to identify the different cats in the film.

Then complete your research using books or the internet, making notes about the questions you asked on the answer sheet. Use what you have found to create an information booklet about the puma. You can use the sheets or you can design your own pages for the booklet.

Puma a.k.a Mountain Lion (1)
Download PDF • 795KB

Here are some great resources to get you started.

Here is a fun worksheet to print out.

Art for Kids Hub has a video of how to draw a cartoon puma.

DIY Lets Draw has a lovely acrylic puma painting you could try. Make sure you pause the video.

If you have worked your way through all the activities gather all your work and decide which order you want to put the pages in. Staple the pages together in the top left-hand corner.

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