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Who Let the Gods Out? Year 5 Book Study - Week 1

As always, you can read the book yourself or ask someone else to read it to you or share the reading. You should be aiming to read for at least 30 mins. a day in year 5. Make sure you complete your spelling and handwriting work at the end of each lesson.

Spelling and Handwriting

Day 1

This half term I have a real treat for you. Our new book is called Who Let the Gods Out. You can buy a copy here or get one free from your local library. We will read the first 5 chapters together then you will finish off the book as independent reading. If you enjoy the book there are 4 books in the series.

Before we begin reading the book I want you to take a close look at the front cover and to read the blurb.

Well I don't know about you but that blurb hooked me, I want to know more. I have so many questions in my mind that I want the book to answer like, who is Elliot? What does a death daemon look like?

In your books I want you to write at least five questions that you can think of after reading the blurb.

Then I want you to use a ruler to split the next page into four equal sections. Using what you have read and seen on the cover (do not take a sneaky peek inside!) draw a picture of what you think Elliot, Virgo, Zeus and Thanatos look like. I wonder if the picture you have in your mind of each character will change as you read the book?

Day 2

Read chapter 1.

Answer these questions in your book.

  1. What does 'weapons grade' body odour mean?

  2. Write a definition for jubilant.

  3. Does Elliot often get into trouble? How do you know this?

  4. Is Elliot a good student? What makes you think this?

  5. Where does Elliot go to school?

Day 3

Go to the BBC Writing Direct Speech lesson and work your way through all the activities to the end.

Read the Newsround report Global warming: Amazon rainforest could face tipping point, scientists warn. Can you spot any speech?

Day 4

Read the Newsround report Endurance: The lost ship has been found after 107 years! Can you spot any speech?

Go to the Natural Curriculum Giraffe lesson on direct speech. Complete the activities on each section. You will need a partner for some of them. On the final page print out the worksheet and complete it and the activity at the bottom.


If you have time and want to, choose one of the writing ideas on the last page about giraffes. If you need to move on maybe you could complete the task as part of your science or topic lesson?

Day 5

It is time for your big write!

This week you have been learning all about direct speech. I want you to use what you have learned to write a conversation between a naughty pupil and a headteacher in the style of Elliot and Mr Boyle. Remember to punctuate your speech correctly, change lines when each character speaks and change the formality of your writing to show who is speaking. It should be obvious from the way the characters speak that one is a headteacher and the other a naughty pupil. Use the checklist to check your work.

Download PDF • 17KB

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