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Year 5 Art - Watercolour Plants

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Activity 1 - Watercolour pencils

You will need a set of watercolour pencils, a selection of paintbrushes, a pot of water, watercolour paper and tape for this activity.

Activity 2

Today we are going to be thinking about botanical illustration.

Go here and explore the examples of botanical illustrations.

Watch this video about the life of a botanical illustrator.

Activity 3 - Watercolour Paints

You will need watercolour paints, brushes, water, a carrier bag, white crayon, tissue and salt.

Bonus Activity - Make a collage

Activity 4

Using your watercolours, paint or pencils and watercolour paper create a botanical illustration for your chosen flower. Think of the flowers you photographed for the Plants Unit, maybe you will choose one of them.

Look up your plant online and find examples of your flower in the seed, germination and cotyledon stages as well as final stages. Here are some examples done by professionals, scroll through the examples.

You could dissect a flower yourself to get a better understanding of all the parts you will need to illustrate. The video below shows you how and I am sure you will remember dissecting flowers before.

Your illustrations should show how the plant reproduces and you should annotate features that promote: germination, flowering, pollination, fertilisation and seed dispersal.

If this sound a little overwhelming, try taking a number of days to complete the illustration, maybe just doing 10 mins a day. If you really are having trouble or want to try something else then do this activity below.

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