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Year 7 Computers Introduction

This year you will revise and use the skills you developed in your Primary years to improve your computer science and programming knowledge.

You will be given many opportunities to use ICT when studying other subjects to produce meaningful pieces of work. This year is all about getting you ready to produce your own digital works.

You will be guided through courses that will allow you to really secure your knowledge and skills and I will give you ample opportunity to go beyond this if you are able and want to. I am going to be using a number of ready-made online courses with you this year, I have not designed these myself! If you do well this year maybe you could design courses for future learners.

If computer studies is the subject you dread each week, I encourage you to have a go at the tasks even if you do not complete them and watch any videos. It is important that you have a sound understanding of how to complete basic tasks in the real world with computers. Still, realistically if you do not want to develop this as a career or take a GCSE in it then if all you manage to do is have a go at the work set for years 7-9 you will most likely have developed enough skill and knowledge for your future, so do not stress about finding it difficult. Try to use what you are learning to help you in subjects you do enjoy.

For this course, you will need a book to write in or a file to keep your work safe. Many of the lessons this year revise and build on what you completed in your Primary years, so some of this may be familiar some may not. I have broken your work down into tasks. You may choose to do any number of tasks each week but I recommend completing no less than 2 if you plan to finish the course in a year. You may decide to focus on Computer Studies for a term and complete all the tasks or complete two units at the same time, doing one lesson from each per week. If you want to complete this alongside other subjects in a planned way then check out the Year 7 Curriculum. As you complete a task, check it off the progress sheet. This helps you see how well you are doing and helps you remember what task is next. I will alternate between knowledge-based units and programming units to make the work more varied.

The first course I want you to complete is based on the skills you need to develop to stay safe online. It is important to complete this unit, as this year I will be asking you to use the internet to do a lot of your own research and you need to be able to do this safely. As this course is about staying safe online, I am going to ask you to complete it with your adult or to ask your adult to watch the videos first.

If you are going to be using certain websites to complete your work such as Canva or Google Slides then it is a good idea to create some bookmarks for them.

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