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Year 7 Maths Unit 2 - Place Value and Decimals

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

The title 'place value' with a colourful cloud full of numbers.

This unit is all about place value and using decimals. Remember, you do not have to complete a task all in one go. If you need a break or are finding it tricky go do something else for 5 mins then come back. If you do have a break, or do it over a number of days make sure you restart working by playing the game at the start of the task. This will help your brain get ready and help you really improve your basic maths.

Task 1 - Place value up to 1 billion

Being able to confidently add and subtract numbers is very useful and relies on you having a good understanding of place value. So, we will start by revising what you already know. Do not rush to finish the work or move on the most important thing is that you really understand what you are doing before trying to work with decimals.

Trick! Use squared paper to help you line up your numbers correctly.

Play the place value of digits up to 1 million Wordwall.

If you need to recap numbers to 1 million go to this BBC Numbers up to a Million page.

Watch Recognise the place value of any number in an integer up to one billion on Whiterose Maths.

Read the example and solution on pages 23-24 of MEP Maths Year 7a unit 2.

Complete the worksheet 'Addition up to hundred thousand', and add it to your folder.

Task 2 - Writing big numbers

Numbasics on Transum.

Work through the BBC Bitesize page, Place value - writing and describing whole numbers.

Complete as many levels as you can on Transums Words in Digits activity.

Task 3 - Rounding to the nearest power of ten

Numbasics on Transum.

Watch Round integers to the nearest power of ten on Whitrose Maths.

Complete questions 1-10 from page 24 of MEP Maths Year 7a unit 2.

Play the place numbers on a number line on Mathsframe. Choose the numbers up to 1000 option.

Task 4 - Working with place value

Numbasics on Transum.

Watch Ordering Integers on Whiterose Maths.

Complete questions 11-15 from page 25 of MEP Maths Year 7a unit 2.

Play this boxing game with positive and negative integers on Mathnook.

Task 5 - Place value and decimals

Numbasics on Transum.

Watch Understand place value for decimals on WhiteRose Maths.

Play Place Bones on Mathnook.

Task 7 - Rounding Decimals

Complete Lesson 7 of 5th Grade math at Khans Academy.

Read Decimals and place value and complete questions 1-5 from page 27 of MEP Maths Year 7a unit 2.

Play Alien Math Decimal Rounding on Mathnook. Good luck I spent ages trying to fly the spaceship!!

Task 6 - Comparing Decimals

Numbasics on Transum.

Watch Order any number to a billion on WhiteRose maths.

Complete the last 5 questions of MEP Maths Year 7a unit 2.

Play Planetary Order Decimals on Mathnook and try changing the level to make it harder.

Well done on completing unit 2! If you need more practice with decimals a good place to start is Unit 1 of 5th grade maths at Khans Academy.

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