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Year 7 Maths Unit 3 - Graphs

This next unit is all about graphs and representing and interpreting data. You will need graph paper for this unit.

Task 1 - Scatter Graphs

We will be looking at what a scatter graph is, how to draw one and how to answer basic questions about the scatter graph.

Complete the Transum - Cartoon Scatter Graph

Watch this Scatter Graphs Part 1 video by Minity Maths.

Task 2 - Plotting Points on Quadrant 1

This is a more challenging scatter graph to plot on Transum but have a go.

Watch 'Plotting Points on a Coordinate Plane | Quadrant 1', Maths with Mr J.

Task 3 - Negative Numbers and Inequalities

Play 'Bombs on the Grid' game at Mathnook.

For an easier game to play go to Mathsframes 'Coordinates Alien Attack'.

Watch 'Negative Numbers' with Mialearning Academy.

Task 4 - Plotting Coordinates on 4 Quadrants

Play 'Find Quadrants' game on Mathnook. There is no time limit so play until you are sure you know which quadrant is which.

Watch 'Plotting Points on a Coordinate Plane | 4 Quadrants', Maths with Mr J.

Task 5 - Finding Coordinates

Play 'Graphing Puzzles' on Mathnook. Set it to 4 quadrants if you are more confident and to challenge mode.

Watch 'Finding the Coordinates of a Point on a Coordinate Plane' on Maths with Mr J.

Task 6 - Conversion Graphs

Play the Scootle Rainforest Map game.

Watch 'How to Use Conversion Graphs 80' on Cognito.

Task 7 - Map Skills

Play the 'Lattitude and Longitude' game at ABCYA.

Watch 'Understanding map co-ordinates' from BBC Teach.

Go to the Ordnance Survey website and revise grid references.

Complete the activities on the Geograohy All the Way website. You will need to download and print the final worksheet.

Well done on finishing unit 3!

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