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Year 7 Maths Unit 7 - Sequences

Task 1 - Sequences Introduction

Play the X-ray Multiplication at MathsNook.

Write down your 6 times tables up to 6x12.

Look at your answers. Are there any patterns you can see?

There is no easy trick to remembering your 6 times tables. But some patterns, that you may have noticed, can help you.

  • All the answers are even, they end in 0,2,4,6 or 8. Odd numbers are not in the 6 times table.

  • All the answers are multiples of 3. They are all in the 3 times table.

  • The digits of each answer always add up to 3,6 or 9. This is really useful if you need to know if a number is a multiple of 6.

  • You can learn them in batches because the last digit follows the pattern 6,2,8,4,0. So learn 1-5 x 6 first then 6-10 x 6 next, and finally learn 11-12 x 6.

What is a sequence? A sequence is a pattern of numbers that follows a rule. Sometimes these rules are easy to work out maybe you just add one each time but sometimes they can be a bit more tricky. By the end of this unit, you will be great at spotting sequences and explaining the rules they follow.

Go to Transum and play 'Broken Calculator'.

Watch the White Rose Maths video 'Describe and Continue a Sequence Given Diagramatically'.

Watch CorbettMaths 'Patterns and Sequences' video.

Watch the 'What are Multiples and How to Find Them' video.

Complete MEP Maths Year 7a Unit 7 questions 1-12.

Task 2 - Predict the Next Term

Complete levels 1 and 2 on Transum.

Watch White Rose Maths 'Predict and Check the Next Term in a Sequence'.

Can you work out the next terms of these sequences?

Read and complete MEP Maths Year 7a Unit 7 questions 7.2 - 1-8.

Task 3 - Representing Sequences

Go to Transum and try 'Spider Sequences'. It gets trickier so do not worry if you get stuck.

Watch White Rose Maths 'Representing Sequences in Tabular and GRaphical Forms'.

Use what you have learned today to solve the investigation on the worksheet.

Sequences Investigation 1
Download • 1.12MB

Task 4 - Linear or Non-Linear

Play the multiples Tommy's Trek game. Choose some timetables you are confident with and some you are not.

Watch the White Rose Maths 'Recognising the Difference Between Linear and Non-Linear Sequences'.

Complete and print out as many levels as you can on Transum.

Complete the second investigation.

Sequences Investigation 2
Download • 867KB

See if you can work out the secret symbol on Transum.

Watch White Rose Maths 'Continue Linear Sequences'.

Complete the investigation on Transum.

Task 5 - Solve Numerical Non-Linear Sequences

Complete this Wordwall activity by sorting out linear and non-linear sequences. I enjoyed playing the Whack-a-Mole version!

Watch White Rose Maths 'Numerical Non-Linear Sequences' and 'Explain the Term to Term Rule'.

Complete MEP Maths Year 7a Unit 7.3 questions 1-5.

Task 6 - Find Missing Numbers in a Sequence

Watch White Rose Maths ' Find Missing Numbers in a Sequence' video.

This is your last teaching lesson on sequences. By now you should know enough to complete the rest of MEP Maths Year 7a Unit 7. You do not have to complete the rest of the unit in one go, take your time. If you are struggling with the questions you can use the following resources to improve your understanding.

Corbett Maths - Scroll down to sequences and pick the videos and worksheets or questions that you think will help you.

Well done on completing unit 7!

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